Alabama Contacts:

  • Andy Tipton
    Seed Laboratory Director
    Alabama Department of Agriculture - Seed Division
    1445 Federal Drive
    Montgomery, AL 36107
    T: 334-240-7143
    F: 334-240-7189
    E: andy.tipton@agi.alabama.gov

  • Dr. Jim Bostick
    Executive Vice President
    Alabama Crop Improvement and
    Southern Seed Certification Associations
    P.O. Box 357
    Headland, AL 36345
    T: 334-693-3988
    E:  acia7383@gmail.com

  • Ron Sparks
    Alabama Department of Agriculture
    P.O. Box 3336
    Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
    T: 334-240-7100
    F: 334-240-7190

Labeling & Distribution Information Survey:

The following responses are provided by Alabama Department of Agriculture in regard to general questions about the Alabama Seed Law.

Does your state have "arbitration" legislation in place to arbitrate disputes between buyer and seller?
Answer = YES

Does your state have "pre-emption" legislation to restrict local political subdivisions from regulating seed?
Answer = NO

Does your state allow for "Variety Not Stated" labeling?

Answer = NO, it requires variety name for all commercialized kinds with established varieties.