Florida Contacts:

  • Shaness Thomas
    FL Dept of Ag & Consumer Services
    Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement
    3125 Conner Boulevard, L-29, Lab 8
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1650
    T: 850-617-7875
    E:  shaness.thomas@freshfromflorida.com

  • Patricia Lucas, Chief
    FL Dept of Ag & Consumer Services
    Bureau of Agricultural Environmental Laboratories
    3125 Conner Boulevard, Building 7
    Tallahassee, Florida  32399-1650
    T: 850-617-7835
    E: patricia.lucas@freshfromflorida.com

  • Neil Richmond, Chief, Bureau of Inspection and Incidence Response
    FL Dept of Ag & Consumer Services
    3125 Conner Boulevard, Conner Administration Bldg.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650
    T: 850-617-7862
    E: neil.richmond@freshfromflorida.com

  • Adam Putnam, Commissioner
    Capitol Building, 400 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, FL  32399-1650
    T: 850-617-7700

Labeling & Distribution Information Survey:

The following responses are provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in regards to general questions about the Florida State Seed Law.

Does your state allow for "Variety Not Stated" labeling?
Answer = In Florida we don't allow the designation "Variety Not Stated" or VNS to be used on labels. If the seed kind is other than one of those listed in the Federal Seed Act, Part 201.10, then the variety may be omitted, but the seed may not be labeled VNS or Variety Not Stated.

Does your state have "arbitration legislation in place to arbitrate disputes between buyer and seller?
Answer = YES

Does your state have "pre-emption" legislation to restrict local political subdivisions from regulating seed?
Answer = YES