North Dakota Contacts:

  • Jason Goltz, MBA, CCA, Regulatory Manager
    Field Seed Program
    North Dakota State Seed Department
    1313 18th Street North, P.O. Box 5257
    Fargo, ND 58105-5257
    T: 701-231-5450
    F: 701-231-5401
    E: jgoltz@ndseed.ndsu.edu

  • Jeanna Mueller, Seed Laboratory Manager
    State University Station, Box 5257
    Fargo, ND  58105-5257
    T: 701-231-5420
    F: 701-231-5401
    E: jmueller@ndseed.ndsu.edu

Labeling & Distribution Information Survey:

The following responses are provided by the North Dakota State Seed Department in regard to general questions about the North Dakota State Seed Law.

Does your state offer "Seed Arbitration" as a part of your seed law, or as a separate law?
Answer = NO

Does your state have “pre-emption” legislation to restrict local political subdivisions from regulating seed?
Answer = YES

Does your law allow for "variety not stated" labeling?
Answer = YES, except for wheat, durum, barley, oats, rye, soybeans, dry beans, flax, vegetable, and flower seed must be sold by variety name.