South Dakota Contacts:

  • Brenda Sievers, Plant Industry Manager/Ag Inspector
    SD Department of Agriculture - Plant Industry
    523 E. Capitol
    Pierre, SD 57501-3182
    T: 605-773-3796
    F: 605-773-3481
    E: brenda.sievers@state.sd.us

  • Neal R. Foster, Seed Certification Manager & SDCIA Executive Director
    SD Crop Improvement Association
    South Dakota State University
    Agriculture Hall 244, Box 2207A
    Brookings, SD 57007-1096
    T: 605-688-4606
    F: 605-688-6752
    E: neal.foster@sdstate.edu

  • Brent Turnipseed, Seed Laboratory Manager
    Plant Science Seed Testing Lab
    523 E. Capitol, Foss Building
    Pierre, SD 57501-3182
    T: 605-688-4590
    F: 605-688-4602

Labeling & Distribution Information Survey:

The following responses are provided by the South Dakota State Seed Department in regard to general questions about the South Dakota State Seed Law.

Does your state offer "Seed Arbitration" as a part of your seed law, or as a separate law?
Answer = YES

Does your state have “pre-emption” legislation to restrict local political subdivisions from regulating seed?
Answer = YES

Does your law allow for "variety not stated" labeling?
Answer = YES, except for barley, flax, oats, rye, soybeans, triticale and wheat. These kinds must be sold by variety name.