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The following responses are provided by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture in regard to general questions about the Mississippi State Seed Law.

- Does your state seed law model RUSSL?
Answer = YES

- Does your state have a permit/license requirement for seedsmen to distribute seeds in your state? If yes, please briefly describe your system and fees.
Answer = YES, five different levels:

  1. Permit allows seedsman to sell packet seed in containers of less than four (4) ounces at cost of $2.50.
  2. Permit allows selling vegetable seed from containers of four (4) ounces or more at retail and cost $5.00.
  3. Permit allows selling seed at retail to consumers, except vegetable seed dealers, and cost $25.00.
  4. Permit allows selling seed to wholesale distributors only and cost $5.00.
  5. Permit allows selling seed as a wholesale distributor and qualifies a seedsman to sell at all over level of permits and cost $100.

- Does your state have “arbitration” legislation in place to arbitrate disputes between buyer and seller?
Answer = YES, as part of the Mississippi Pure Seed Law.

- If yes, is it mandatory?
Answer = YES

- Do you allow the use of the arbitration label notice as referenced in RUSSL?
Answer = YES

- Does your arbitration law have any unique or special requirements?
Answer = Must be filed within such time as to permit inspection of the crop.

- Does your state have ”pre-emption” legislation to restrict local political subdivisions from regulating seed?
Answer = YES

- Does your law allow for "brand name" labeling?
Answer = It can be on the label, but cannot be misleading or used in place of variety.
- How does your state handle seed coatings on your seed label?
ANSWER = Seed coatings can be listed as part of inert matter as long as it is broken out somewhere on the label. Seed coating percentages may be labeled as part of inert matter or as a separate line item.

- Does your state allow for “Variety Not Stated” labeling?
Answer = NO

- If no, please provide brief explanation.
Answer = An exception of varietal mixtures of Southern Peas, Oats and Wheat may be sold VNS.

- Does your state allow for "Variety Unknown" labeling?
Answer = NO

- Do you allow the use of the abbreviated term "VNS" to be used in place of the phrase "variety not stated"?
Answer = YES, but only on varietal mixtures of Southern Peas, Oats and Wheat.

- What are your germination test date requirements for Agricultural seed, Vegetable seed and Lawn & Turf seeds?
Answer = Nine (9) calendar months exclusive of the calendar month in which the test was completed.

- Does your state include requirements for "Sell By"/"Packed For" labeling vegetables, flowers and turf grass?
Answer = NO

- Does your state regulate flower seeds?
Answer = YES

- Does your state regulate Native/Conservation/reclamation species?
Answer = YES

- Does your state law have any specific language regarding "GMOs"?
Answer = NO

- Does your state test for specific GMO varietal traits on official samples?
Answer = NO