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AASCO Official Definitions

    Seed that has been covered by a layer(s) of materials that obscure the original shape and size of the seed resulting in a substantial weight increase. The coating or encrusting may contain biologicals, identifying colorants or dyes, pesticides, polymers and/or other ingredients. (Official 1995)

  • Def#94-02 - PELLETED SEED:
    Coated or encrusted seed that also improves the plantability or singulation of the seed. (Official 1995)

  • Def#94-03 - FILM-COATED SEED:
    Film-coated seed retains the shape and the general size of the raw seed with a minimal weight gain. The film coating may contain biologicals, identifying colorants or dyes, pesticides, polymers and/or other ingredients. The coating shall result in a continuous covering. (Official 1995)

  • Def#94-04 - TREATED SEED:
    Seed with a minimal covering of material(s) whose objective is to reduce or control disease organisms, insects or other pests attacking the seed or seedlings growing therefrom and may contain identifying colorants or dyes. (Official 1995)

  • Def#94-05 - INOCULATED SEED:
    Seed which has received a coating of a preparation containing a microbial product e.g. Rhizobium sp. (Official 1995)

    Seed packed in a moisture proof container when the container and the seed in the container meet the requirements specified by the suggested rules and regulations of the Recommended Uniform State Seed Law (RUSSL). (Official 1995)

  • Def#94-07 - OFFICIAL SAMPLE:
    A sample taken from a lot of seed by a representative of a seed regulatory official of a state or federal government agency following prescribed methods. (Official 1995)

    Seed of a grass species declared to be restricted noxious weed seed when found in lawn and turf seed. (Tentative 1999)

  • Def#12-01- TOTAL VIABLE:
    Total viable equals the sum of percentage germination plus dormant plus hard seeds. (Tentative 2012)

Procedure for Submittal of Definitions:

  1. Proposed official definitions for terms may be submitted to the committee by control officials or any other party interested in the seed industry, however each and every submission must be accompanied with information to answer the following questions about each term definition:
    a) Why is the definition needed?
    b) How will it promote uniformity in the seed industry?
    c) What is the definition to be used for?
    d) When would the term be used?

  2. Proposal as stated above must be received by the committee chairman before May 15th to receive consideration as tentative status for the following year. Any changes in terms currently in official or tentative status must also be submitted with the above information by May 15th to receive consideration.

  3. The committee will review the submitted information and those terms approved by the committee will be submitted to the AASCO board for approval and subsequent submission to the membership for approval at each annual meeting.

  4. All terms will remain in the tentative status for at least one year. If no comments are received, upon the approval of the membership at the next annual meeting, the term will be elevated to official status.

  5. Requests for definitions to be placed into RUSSL must be done as a separate action through the RUSSL review committee and appropriate procedures. The Official Terms and Definitions section of the AASCO Official Publication is a separate entity. Consideration will be given to terms and definitions already in existence on RUSSL before establishing any further definitions.