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Introduction to Purpose Statement:

The Association of American Seed Control Officials was organized in 1949. The first national meeting was held in Kansas City at the invitation of the Seed Branch of USDA. The Association meets on an annual basis for the purposes of discussion of mutual problems and concerns relating to seed law enforcement and administration. It is the goal of AASCO to achieve uniformity of seed legislation between member states and Federal agencies through consensus of the membership.

Purpose Statement:

The following list of objectives outline the Association's purpose:

  1. To promote and establish basic requirements of a state seed law which shall serve as guidelines for member states.
  2. To promote and foster uniformity of procedures and policies by member states.
  3. To exchange problems and solutions or ideas and suggestions common to member states.
  4. To coordinate action and cooperate with member states on all seed matters of mutual concern.
  5. To impress and create a sense of mutual understanding between members of this Association and all other groups or organizations that are concerned with orderly legal merchandising of high quality seed.
  6. To sponsor, endorse, instigate, evaluate and suggest seed research designed to develop and standardize competent and expedient methods of seed testing.
  7. To join in common effort to improve the qualifications and compensation of all personnel engaged in seed control activities.